As we launched our project. We value the feedback from our community and take consideration some suggestions and decided to lower our cap from 200eth to 142eth.

Now we change the allocation of our presale from 1500 tokens to 1000 tokens at a fixed price of 1eth=7yleaf. Now the remaining 500 tokens will be burned. This will happen after the token sale and before the Uniswap listing and will share the transaction link via telegram. This is a deflationary token and it favors the burning of almost huge % of supposedly allocated presale tokens.

Now the remaining funds collected from…

yLeaf Protocol = A new sensation of deflanationary

yLeaf Protocol is a new sensation of deflationary. Its a new breed of experimental protocol based and adopt on some of famous project in the past. Doing a 3% deflationary on every transaction will likely make the supply scarce.

What s Deflationary in cryptocurrency?

Yleaf Protocol

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