yLeaf Protocol “A new sensation of Deflationary”

yLeaf Protocol = A new sensation of deflanationary

yLeaf Protocol is a new sensation of deflationary. Its a new breed of experimental protocol based and adopt on some of famous project in the past. Doing a 3% deflationary on every transaction will likely make the supply scarce.

What s Deflationary in cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency with a continuously depreciating supply in its blockchain is called a deflationary cryptocurrency. Deflation can be accomplished through burning some percentage of a coin being minted, buyback and burn, buyback and hold, and many more. (source)

So what is the difference and uniqueness of yLeaf Protocol?

yLeaf Protocol Overview

yLeaf tokenomics.

Total supply: 2000 tokens

Presale: 1500 tokens

Uniswap: 400 tokens

Team and Dev: 100 tokens

Token Sale Details.

Aside from deflationary concept we are launching more features and will be share to you guys as we progress with the experimental approach that will benefit the project.

Announcement of the token sale will be shared on telegram group regarding time and schedule.

You can join the official telegram

DISCLAIMER: Not a financial advice, this is a an experimental project that plans to create as substantial idea that will cater use cases as we developed more features will be added on yLeaf platform.



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