yLeaf Revision and New Update: #2

Yleaf Protocol
2 min readNov 23, 2020


As we launched our project. We value the feedback from our community and take consideration some suggestions and decided to lower our cap from 200eth to 142eth.

Now we change the allocation of our presale from 1500 tokens to 1000 tokens at a fixed price of 1eth=7yleaf. Now the remaining 500 tokens will be burned. This will happen after the token sale and before the Uniswap listing and will share the transaction link via telegram. This is a deflationary token and it favors the burning of almost huge % of supposedly allocated presale tokens.

Now the remaining funds collected from presale will be used for some marketing, promotions, AMAs on some known group, and other activity needed in order to sustain a well healthy launched.

Token Sale Details.

Presale price: 1eth at 7yleaf

Uniswap price: 1eth at 5.35yleaf

Min: 0.5eth

Max: 2eth

Harcap: 142eth

Softcap: 80eth

Your tokens will be instantly received on your wallet after your contributions. Take note: don’t try to send below 0.5 or higher than 2eth because transaction will automatically be rejected. Max Cap at 2eth to prevent heavy dump during uniswap listing.

Solidity Finance Success Audit

Also, we would like to inform that our contract has been verified and well audited by third party service “ Solidity Finance” check out the result here: https://solidity.finance/audits/yLEAF/

Highlights of upcoming event.

1. Token sale

2. Burning of 500 tokens

3. Uniswap listing

4. Listing on coingecko and coinmarketcap

5. More update coming

We will announce the token sale on our telegram soon so stay tuned for more information. It will be the same process of fcfs basis so better be alerted when the sale started. Once the token sale finished soon everything will soon follow such as burning of tokens and listing on uniswap.